vinuVinu Vishwanathan- Vinu is an alumni of St. Xaviers Jaipur and completed his Electrical Engineering from the prestigious SKIT college, Jaipur in the year 2005. Soon after college he setup his first venture Geofin Design Corporation, a design consultancy firm in Jaipur. In the year 2008 the venture got acquired and Vinu entered into the corporate arena with successful stints at multinational corporations like CB Richard Ellis and Jones Lang LaSalle. During his tenure with these project management companies, he handled projects with a total cumulative value of more than 100 million US Dollars and managed a team of over 100 professionals. An entrepreneur’s true calling came in 2012 when Vinu again embarked on an exciting journey with his maiden food processing venture Jiyagro Foods Pvt Ltd. The company created a direct forward market linkage between farmers and the industry. Jiyagro Foods sourced and marketed high value fresh produce like Lettuce Iceberg, Broccoli, European Cucumber etc. Simultaneously the company also setup a honey trading business with a co-packer in Uttarakhand. This saw the successful foray of the company into exports of honey. Jiyagro Foods also introduced honey in sachet form – a first of its kind in India. The company also introduced the pioneering concept of e-commerce in fruits and vegetable delivery with However Sagun Fresh could not continue as it had few takers back in 2013. Currently the company is actively engaged in marketing high quality honey in the domestic and international markets.

Vinu is also part of various other successful ventures like Gramam Agroservices, a promoter of various farmer producer companies and also the co-founder of Jantameals, an affordable food & nutrition food services company for the masses.

raParvinder Tyagi- Parvinder is a qualified costing and accounting professional and started his entrepreneurial journey very early in life. The at onset of his career Parvinder designed an accounting software that had the potential to solve the accounting needs of the companies like the Tally and Busy accounting software. With the advent of globalization and Indian economy growing, he soon realized that packaging will play a pivotal roll in the marketing of consumer products. His next venture was Rizul Plastocarft, a packaging design and production company in the year 1990. Today the Rizul Plastocarft is growing MSME with multiple manufacturing plants and catering to the packaging needs of a large numbers of customers across various industry verticals. He is a people manager and has been successfully engaged in various hospitality projects like golden Tulip hotels etc.