About Joyfresh

Joyfresh Foods Private Ltd is a new age, dynamic food manufacturing, packaging, marketing and distribution company promoted by Mr. Vinu Vishwanathan & Mr. Parvinder Tyagi, both first generation serial entrepreneurs having several successfully established ventures to their credit. With a vision to create a truly world class food processing company, the duo started Joyfresh foods in the year 2016. The company is currently engaged in manufacturing and marketing Ketchups, Sauces, Spreads, Condiments and various types of sweet and salted snack. The company has been established on the three core values of quality, nutrition and innovation.

With focus on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of its business, Joyfresh has a strong presence in foods services and retail consumer segment. The company has setup a strong distribution network with covering most parts of the Indian Landscape. We at Joyfresh understand that behind every successful brand lies the hard work of large number of affiliates, distributors, retailers and agents who relentlessly work in making our products reach to various consumers across the length and breath of the country. Our IT enables logistics and supply chain management processes ensure that order placing and fulfillment is a breeze.

Company Name

Joyfresh – the company name, draws its inspiration from the two most important aspects related to human food consumption. The joy of having good food prepared using fresh ingredients is key to a happy mind and soul. We as humans enjoy good food and that’s exactly the purpose of Joyfresh. Our products are made with superior quality derived from the fresh ingredients and are so flavorful and appealing that they bring joy to your heart.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To build a global agro-food processing company and create superior quality innovative food products that are relished with joy, happiness and flavorful taste by the people around the world. Our vision focuses around the core values of quality, nutrition and innovation.

Mission: To touch the life of every individual on this planet through our products and brands while maintaining with highest level of business excellence though innovation, integrity and transparency in our operations.